A Few Services
We Offer

Hiring Solution

From job analysis to the final offer, use our machine-learning platform to find the right person for the right job. 

Candidate Screening

As candidates apply for your positions, we can help you screen them with a Job Fit rating that tells you at a glance how well they match the role, both behaviorally and cognitively. With this approach, you save time by interviewing the most likely to succeed candidates, instead of a good resume writer.

Job Analysis

Working with your team, we create a job to align on behavioral and cognitive requirements that you use to find potential matches. 

Interview Guide

Our machine learning-powered Interview Builder uses your candidate’s behavioral data to generate questions that help you pinpoint exactly where your candidate is strongest—and where they might fall short. Alongside the candidate’s behavioral data, you’ll find six interview questions to help you perfect your interview process.

Job Advertisement

From the job analysis, we build a advertisement to attract applicats with the specific behavior and congnitive skills you want to hire.

Job Board for Supply Chain Pros

When we work together, you have the option to advertise your job posts on our job board just for supply chain professionals. SCM.Jobs is the premiere resource for professionals in the supply chain community. ​Here you can post your jobs, search resumes, blast your job to thousands of supply chan professionals, and distribute your job post to our network of 1000+ national, niche, and local job boards.