Use our career management services to develop a career portfolio to 

demonstrate your value as a supply chain professional.

Move from the backroom into the boardroom

Take charge of your career to show the strategic value of supply chain management and build a pipeline of opportunities.

Most businesses engage in ad hoc purchasing without thought about the end-to-end supply chain.

Research shows only 15% of CEOs believe their supply chain is optimized, which means they're leaving money on the table.

When you create a career portfolio, you're seen as a solution to change procurement from a cost-center to a profit-center.

Four Steps to Success


The program guides you to create your career portfolio to define your professional brand.

Everything found on the internet about you defines who you are and what you do, while also setting you apart from others like you. It becomes your personal brand to emphasize your unique value. 

So, you want to control how you're seen on the internet, from the results you've delivered to your past employers, so they see reasons to work with you, not someone else.


In today’s digital world, content is king, so online content is essential to generating awareness about your professional expertise.

When you join the program, discover time-saving methods to create content that engages visitors and works for you to attract opportunities. 

The program takes inventory of your knowledge assets, helps you plan out the most valuable content and shows you how to streamline content creation.


A signature system is a real game changer for your career.

Signature systems are attractive because they show how you bring a ready-made, easy-to-implement solution to their problems. 

But don’t worry about having to find or invent one to use. You already know the process inside and out, and we show you how to explain it clearly to someone else who wants to get the same results. 

Your system is created from your career portfolio where we see a pattern of expertise from successful experiences. Then we package your system for the market.


Systems and automation are key to scaling exposure to prospects and opportunities. So, as a busy professional, automation allows your career portfolio and signature system to be seen without taking a lot of time.

As we work together, we show you how to use technology to automate everything to work for you when you're sleeping. We build an automated system to capture, captivate, and convert an audience into raving fans. 

The result is a system to generate opportunities for your career, instead of endlessly submitting your resume and waiting for someone to call.


"I enthusiastically recommend career coaching for proactive supply chain management professionals."

My name is Howard Knapp, and I am a Buyer for Moog INC in the Space and Defense Group. 

I highly recommend Career Management with Dr. Randy Mauldin to help achieve and even surpass your career goals. 

When I attended the CPSM Certification Boot Camp with Randy, I experienced his professionalism and supply chain management expertise firsthand. After the boot camp, he continued to support my preparation with coaching to answer my specific questions. As a result, I passed all three exams with no failures within 3 months of the supply chain management certification training. 

So, when Randy offered Career Coaching, I immediately joined the program and take my career to the next level. The first part of the program analyzed my career to identify my goals and assess my experience. From the analysis, we developed a plan to create a signature system that I could offer to the market that positioned my skills set uniquely in the market and spoke to my supply chain management experience. 

The benefit of this program is twofold. I am able to clearly tell the supply chain management job market about my skills and qualifications so anyone looking for a strong buyer can find me. Two, my current employer sees the demonstrations of my supply chain expertise which has convinced my boss that I can handle additional opportunities and projects to challenge my skills and add more value to the company. 

Dr. Randy Mauldin has provided me with the guidance I needed to develop my own brand. To take your career to the next level in this very competitive job market, you need someone with experience in your corner. Randy has the knowledge and experience that can separate you from the pack. Don’t wait, join now, and take advantage of this incredible program! 

I enthusiastically recommend Career Coaching for proactive supply chain management professionals.

Howard Knapp, CPSM


In 2010, when I transitioned out of the military service, the market was down, jobs were scarce, and I had a family to feed. So, I had to adopt a business mindset for my career to create opportunities where none existed.

Fast forward to 2023...opportunities for supply chain professionals have never been greater due to recent events, so your decision to revolutionize how to use digital marketing to display your career portfolio creates opportunities.